How To Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof

How To Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof

On your roofs have you heard creaking sounds where there used to be none? Do you see fallen branches and debris that could keep water and cause devastation? Is a little bit of your shingles unable to be found? These are just a few of the petty things you, as the homeowner, can perform to help keep your roof in good condition. Whereas a roofing company can assist you with most problems, we simply don’t spend as much time under your roof as you simply do, so the best way to be vigilant against possible problems is to remain watchful about changes in your roof.

Proper maintenance makes up a big part of keeping your roof in excellent and magnificent shape. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners either know  the very fundamental or next to nothing at all in terms of maintenance. Let professionals from Kalamazoo Roofing Contractors share reliable tips on how to maximize years to your roofing system’s life.

Clean the gutter 

Water can perform all sorts of devastation to your roof. The gutters are your ultimately first protection to divert runoff away from places where you would not want standing water. Anything that can hinder the flow of water will cause it to pool and accumulate along the roof, causing premature rot and compromising the support structures. Pretty soon enough, you are in need for roof leak repair to fix water dripping from your ceilings.

It is highly recommended to regularly clearing away any leaves and debris that could congest your gutters. Roofing Companies Kalamazoo Mi offers excellent regular gutter cleaning services, perfectly design for seasonal clean-ups, especially during season of fall when falling leaves can easily clog your gutter and drainpipes.

Thus, regularly cleaning your gutters prohibits clogging. Clogged and blocked gutters can be the main rainwater to overflow onto your fascia and soffit – the two specific parts of the roof most susceptible to leaks and water damage. A little bit leaks may not seem much, but it can rapidly grow, causing vulnerable damage to the roof and decreasing its operating lifespan.

Roof Surface Cleaning and Maintenance

Twigs of trees, leaves and branches can scratch at the protective grains of the roof. When it comes to leaves, they tend to draw in more moisture as they decay, which sooner spread to the roof as the surface gets bogged down by humidity. A homeowner can prevent this and lessen the need for general roof conservation by cleaning the roof on a regular basis.

Mold Control

Mold growth is a product of uncontrolled moisture levels in the roof. Generally, roofs are resistant to mold, and a little material are even completely immune to it. Nonetheless, aging roofs are particularly vulnerable to mold, which can be both unsightly and a menace to your family’s health. Kalamazoo Roofing recommends a seasonal and regular inspection to spot areas where mold typically flourish and nip the growth in the bud before it becomes a major chaos.

Proper Ventilation

Ventilation implies how your roof inhale and is what keeps it from easily broken or cracked during winter and retaining moisture damage during summer. Appropriate ventilation in the attic will make your roof reach its maximum lifespan. Doing so also has a reliable effect on your home’s comfort levels and energy efficiency.

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How Often Your Roof Should be Maintained?

How Often Your Roof Should be Maintained?

Have you ever experienced waking up in the middle of the night to a drop of water from the ceiling? Or going home after a tiring day and having issues in the drops of water running faster because of an unfixing or unmaintained roof? 

That fixing is always planned and we usually thought of during rainy seasons, or something goes wrong and all you did was to sigh and let a bucket solve the issue, not just one bucket, maybe two, or three perhaps.

We all know that for some reason we invest ourselves in things that we make sure it provides us good quality and prevents us from minor issues that may occur earlier than expected. Fixing cost versus preventative maintenance cost. Which would you prefer?

Every day, people around the world have issues over costing or pricing.  That is why a lot of us usually invest in things that prevent us from spending so much from fixing or further damage costs. When we realize that we are spending so much repair cost, we tend to replace it with new ones, because it’s the practical thing to do, and we are not guessing figures here because replacing it with new ones are really expensive.

Roof, for example, is one of those which serve us over time, in every climate we encounter, they are our shelter. These may be our shield, but because of what it serves overtime, materials also reacts to each climate we encounter imagine those years it serves.

A repair can be less expensive, however, they are short term remedies and summing up the cost will also lead you to like spending for a new one! That is why preventative roof maintenance comes. We should know when, or whom to trust when it comes to Kalamazoo Roofing maintenance. Roof maintenance can provide damage control against repair costs and may extend the life of your rooftops. As known before, don’t hesitate to call these Kalamazoo Roofing Contractors near your area. 

Lyster Exteriors, one of the leading roof repairs in Kalamazoo, Michigan and are the trusted professionals when it comes to roofing. We provide interval inspections and minor roof maintenance to ensure that the roofs are far from the potential damages that cause early deterioration of your roof. And with their maintenance, they ensure the leakage can be detected earlier before something goes wrong and removes moisture from your roofs.

With tight competition in the market nowadays when it comes to roof repair contracting, we assure you our known unique quality service to be a remarkable one.

Lyster Exteriors, one of best Roofing Companies Kalamazoo Mi, have the years of providing well-trained professionals in roof repair and maintenance business, we ensure that your investment can play its role well in protecting you and your home.

So for a professional roof service, and good quality rooftop maintenance, you can trust us! Lyster Exteriors, your roof repair in Kalamazoo will ensure that we can provide you more than what an average roof contractor can. Call us at 1-855-LYSTERS or 1-855-827-5269.

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Does Roof Coating Stop Leaks and How long Can They Last?

Does Roof Coating Stop Leaks and How long Can They Last?

Does your roof leak when it rains?  Are you trying to consider roof repair or roof replacement?  The roof serves as protection to occupants of the structure from the outside elements and shelters us against the changes of weather like heavy rains, strong winds, snow, and bright sunshine.  Our roof can be affected by leaks. There are factors that cause a roof leak.  


The first factor is the life expectancy of the roof because as time goes by, it also breaks down. Next is the cracked flashing due to exposure from rains and strong winds.  Rainwater can get inside if the valleys are not sealed properly.  Cracked vents, cracked chimney, broken shingles, and clogged gutters also contribute roof leaks.  Then, holes caused by the installation of antenna or satellite dish and falling tree branches.  It is also caused by extreme weather conditions like storms and snow.  Lastly, poor craftsmanship or faulty roof installation and poor maintenance lead to roof leaks.


Leaking roof is a serious problem if your roof is not repaired right away.  Having a roof leak gives discomfort to the persons inside the structure.   This would damage your home or businesses like ceiling and items within it, attics and paint in walls.  It will lead to deteriorating woods like laminated woods that both normal and laminated that commonly used as tables and cabinets.   The leaky roof creates mold formation that can lead to serious health problems especially those who have asthma.  The effects of roof leaks have negative effects on our property, belongings, and our lives as well.


The common solution in roof leaks is roof coating and roof replacement. It is thicker and gives better strength compared to paint.  A roof coating can prevent roof to fade, minor leaks and it extends the life of the roof.  This could serve as protection against Ultra Violet (UV) rays, water, and slow the aging process of the roof.  Aside from protection, applying roof coating is more economical because a roof without coating can lead to frequent repairs or worst is roof replacement.  A good application of roof coating and proper maintenance can extend the life of the roof up to 10-15 years more. Choosing the right contractor for the installation of the roofing system is the remedy to prevent and avoids leak that causes water damage and Lyster Exteriors is your only total roof solution company.  


Lyster Exteriors, your Southern Michigan Roofing Contractor is the only roof company you can rely on. 

With two decades of roofing service, this company is a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Kalamazoo and the Battle Creek Association of Home Builders.  The meticulous service and unbeatable quality of service strongly adhere to the highest level of roofing installation standards. Moreover, Lyster Exteriors also deals with competitive pricing with a valid lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.  


Has been serving the Southwest Michigan Area and offers the best quality output for roof replacement, new roof installation, roof repairs, roof maintenance, windows siding, gutters, doors and all other exterior home improvements you need.  Lyster Exteriors always assures the renovations are going smoothly and efficiently and leave their clients with many years of safety, security, comfort, and peace of mind.


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It’s important to protect yourself and your home before starting home renovations. Problems with home renovations are among the top consumer complaints. If you need to hire a roofer, knowing the risks will help you avoid things like scams, poor workmanship and legal liability for an injured worker. Protect yourself as a consumer before work on the roof begins.

Make sure you choose a reputable roofing contractor!  Here are the things to consider when hiring a roofing contractor.


Research roofing contractors

With a little research, you can find a reliable roofing contractor. Start by asking friends and family, or colleagues for recommendations and considering local businesses only, so you can more easily check their references, background and kind of workmanship they offer to their customers.


Get a quote

Ask for a quote from at least two or three different contractors by a certain date. A quote is a written estimate that should include a clear and complete description of the work to be done and an itemized list of the cost for materials and labor. You should be given a detailed estimate of all of the job specifications including products being used and pricing for your roofing project.  Once you have agreed to go ahead with the project, a written and signed contract is very important. Compare the quotes you receive before making your decision.


Check references

You may have a roofer in mind for the job, but you should ask and contact at least three references. These are people who have personally hired and dealt with the contractor. A reputable company should have a long list of satisfied customers that would be more than willing to give a good reference. They should also be able to supply a list of homes they have done in the area. Ask the contractor for references from a current, recently completed and past project, so that any problems with the quality of the work may be caught.


Ask about the safety of workers

As a homeowner and consumer, you can and should ask the contractor about the business’s health and safety practices. You’ll want to make sure that each roofer that will be up on your roof is trained to work safely and will be wearing fall protection equipment. Do not hire a contractor who cannot confirm whether they have trained and equipped their workers properly.


Manufacturer warranty

Ask the contractor who is backing the warranty of the materials to be used. Manufacturers of roofing materials often are not associated with the contractor using them. Some materials require certified or specially trained roofers to install them for the warranty to apply. There are workmanship warranties which are provided by the contractor and typically run for some several years.This warranty covers the installation.   There will also be a material warranty which is offered by the manufacturer of the products and those warranties vary depending on the products being installed. Ask for a copy of any warranties that are part of the work being done.

Your Ultimate Guide for Roof Maintenance

Your Ultimate Guide for Roof Maintenance

The roofs over our heads protect us from all kinds of weather and all the elements of nature — rain, snow, hail, heat of the sun, dust, and falling objects. Sadly, we think little of it. When it comes to home remodeling, we are more focused on the aesthetics of the interiors and the exteriors.

When we notice a wet ceiling caused by a leak, we start to think of the roof, but it is too late. The leak could have been avoided if there was regular roof maintenance. Regular roof checking and maintenance can be done every few years. However, homeowners can do the checking by themselves every once in a while.

The roofs over our heads protect us from all kinds of weather and all the elements of nature — rain, snow, hail, heat of the sun, dust, and falling objects. Sadly, we think little of it. When it comes to home remodeling, we are more focused on the aesthetics of the interiors and the exteriors.

When we notice a wet ceiling caused by a leak, we start to think of the roof, but it is too late. The leak could have been avoided if there was regular roof maintenance. Regular roof checking and maintenance can be done every few years. However, homeowners can do the checking by themselves every once in a while.

Detecting a tiny imperfection should be corrected before the problem becomes big and costly repair would be needed. Roofs block the heat during hot season, and retain it in the house in wintertime. Proper roof maintenance can help reduce costly heating and energy bills.

Shingles on the roof should be inspected if there are broken or missing pieces that need to be replaced. Most homeowners wrongly assume that after the installation of the shingles, which may last for ten to fifteen years, there is no need to check. In addition, you need to look out for black or discolored streaks. This is an indication of fungus or mold growth. This happens when the roof is exposed to excessive humidity. If left unchecked for a long time, it can lead to its deterioration and result in leaks.

Trees are good to have around, but their branches can cause trouble. When they are beside a house, branches can scratch or lift roofing material as they are swayed by the wind. They can also puncture. The leaves can fly and land on the gutters, which can clog the waterway.

Simple housecleaning chores are the answer to this. Make an effort (or ask for help) to trim away those overgrown branches that can cause trouble. Sweep away the leaves stuck in the gutter to ensure proper draining of rainwater. If there are too many debris on it, water builds up in the clogged area and becomes stagnant. This invites mosquitos to breed on it, along with grasses and weed. Too much accumulated water can cause the gutter to sag and eventually break, causing leakage.

If you are queasy on that climbing up part, there are professionals whom you can call for your regular cleaning and roof maintenance. They have all the safety tools to carry out the job.

Neglecting regular roof maintenance lets you miss out tiny preventable problems, which can lead to a more costly repair in the future.


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